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Link to jobs and RLS programs
    Consulting with Individuals
    Corporate Services
    Displaced Homemaker Program
    Education Connection
Link to Corporate Division
    Businesses and Organizations
    You're right on target for your outplacement, and internal career development needs.
    Also, we can provide great motivational speakers, workshops and seminars for your
    next conference or convention.
Link to networking, resume and interview 	tips
    The Job Search Process
    Professional portfolio design
    Interviewing for information
    Resume writing
    Interview strategies
    Salary negotiation
    Articles of interest to job seekers.
Link to Education Connection
    Education Information Center
    Empire State College
    Excelsior College
    Financial aid
    "Learn to Work" columns as they appear in the Syracuse Post Standard to discover
    where to get training for a wide variety of careers.
    NY independent colleges
    SU Independent study
    SUNY Schools
Link to Quiz Answer
    Quiz - Trivia - Factoid
    What is a good way to 'tempt' a hiring manager to read your cover letter?
    See answer.
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    Miscellaneous - Some of our other goodies include:
    History of RLS Career Center
    Resource Center
    RLS job openings
    Displaced Homemaker Program receives gift
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