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A career consulting agency providing individuals and businesses with career counseling, education information, resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, and links to employment opportunities.

Empowering individuals to achieve their educational and career potential.

Corporate Workshops

RLS Career Center is happy to design workshops that meet your needs.

The following are some examples of what we have done in the past.
The Changing Workplace
bullet Understanding current business trends, education and marketing techniques, and updating skills

Managing Change
bullet Helping organizations move through changing environments, changing personnel, or changing missions to achieve their new goals.

Business Etiquette
bullet Knowing the difference between business and social etiquette. Putting yourself miles ahead.

Building Your Professional Portfolio
bullet Identifying critical components, determining format and putting it all together.

Moving Up the Lateral Ladder
bullet Recognizing the importance of assessing transferable skills, identifying and developing opportunities, and self-marketing.

Career Checkup
bullet Self assessment for satisfaction: interests, skills, and goal setting, establishing a career path within your life plan.

Stress Management
bullet Knowing the work environment, understanding your stressors, and methods for coping.

Addressing Conflict in the Workplace
bullet Examining communication skills, work ethic and values, work environment, and models for addressing conflict.

Time Management
bullet Prioritizing, delegating, learning organization skills, and creating time lines.

Career Development
bullet Understanding values, interest and skills; goal setting and exploring options; designing your own career path.

Team Building
bullet Self assessment, identifying styles, understanding differences, and creating teams that are productive, efficient and synergistic.

Releasing Employees with Dignity (Management Training)
bullet Understanding the process, preparing for the meeting, implementing the plan.

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