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Education Information - Financial Aid Links

Show me the money...!
bullet College Scholarships Information on college scholarships and financial aid, featuring a free college scholarship search
bullet Collegeview.com Minority scholarships and financial aid
bullet Fastweb.comThe scholarship search service now has a college directory and links to online college applications
bullet Federal Student Financial Aid Electronically submit free applications for Federal Student Aid
bullet International Education Financial Aid - scholarships, grants and awards
bullet Peterson's - Online applications and scholarship matching

Just give me the facts, ma'am...!
bullet College Board Our expert advice, information, and interactive tools will help you navigate the financial aid maze and
figure out how to pay the bill

bullet Department of Education The official home page for the federal student aid programs administered by the US
Department of Education

bullet EduPass The best sources of financial aid for international students
bullet Finaid.com - Information, tips, calculators
bullet Fresch Scholarships and info about scholarships
bullet Higher Education Services Corporation Information about sources for NY State aid (TAP and Aid for Part-Time Study),
grants and student loans. Includes NYS College Choice Savings program.

bullet Peterson's - Questions and answers, scholarship myths, tips from parents
bullet Sallie Mae Info about scholarship and loans
bullet The Old School A guide to financial aid and scholarships

Links! I need more links...!
bullet New York State Financial Aid Administration - Defines financial aid terms and links to other sites
bullet Yahoo! Sources The Financial Aid Information Page - comprehensive free resource for student financial aid information

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