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Job Seekers

This page provides links within our website relating to the major aspects of the job search process. The assumption is made that you have completed your self-asessment and have determined that you don't need more schooling or credentialing to start the job hunt.

bullet First you need to identify the job you wish to apply for. The most common way to do this is to look in the newspaper's classified ads. The most productive way to do this is by networking .

bullet To further identify prospective jobs and companies, we recommend interviewing for information .

bullet Having in place a professional portfolio is a great idea. This can be a networking tool or an interviewing tool. Depending on the situation it could be produced in an informational interview.

bullet After deciding on a specific job that you wish to pursue, it's time to write a resume . We recommend job-targeted resumes, so having a job description is the means to creating a successful, interview-producing document.

bullet The resume did its job! You have been invited to interview for the job.

bullet Now comes the job offer. Click here for some ideas about handling the salary negotiation .

bullet Don't forget. You can always contact us for specific answers or suggestions.

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