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Program Options for Clients

The following is a comprehensive 6-step package to explore many career development options including: career-based assessments; researching employment markets and prospective employers; networking; resume building; portfolio development; interviewing and negotiation skills.

This package is ideal for the individual who is unsure about their career choices and what the next steps should be. You will meet with an individual Career Consultant who will work with you to tailor these steps to match your needs, and to help you decide what is most useful for your career development. The steps listed below are an example:

Full Career Consulting Package - 6 individual sessions over a 2-month contractual period
bullet Step 1: Identify Your Priorities
bullet       Discuss career counseling process and flow chart
bullet       Identification of individual needs and development of a career action plan
bullet       Values clarification
bullet       Distribution and explanation of self-help assessments (SDS and MBTI)

bullet Step 2: Explore Your Preferences
bullet       Assessment interpretation exploring new career options based upon your skills, interests values, and strengths.

bullet Step 3: Searching for the Job That Suits You Best
bullet       SkillScan exercise
bullet       Connecting assessments, skills and preferences to jobs

bullet Step 4: Focusing Your Research Efforts
bullet       Networking
bullet       Interview for information
bullet       Assessing the market
bullet       Internet job search
bullet       Decision-making

bullet Step 5: Implementing the Plan
bullet       Learn to write a resume
bullet       Effective cover letters
bullet       Portfolios
bullet       Information to include in the interview

bullet Step 6: Before, During and After Your Interview
bullet       The practice interview
bullet       Negotiating salary and benefits
bullet       Thank you notes and follow-up calls

Explore new career options based upon your skills and strengths. Through testing and individual counseling, gain a better understanding about yourself and your career. Validate and acknowledge your self-worth by recognizing your personality, transferable skills values and interests.
Upon completion of 3 sessions you will have a firm understanding of how your skills, interests, values, and preferences impact your career development

Career Assessment Package
bullet Step 1: Ways of Looking at Skills. How Can You Use This Knowledge
bullet       Who are you? How do you see yourself?
bullet       What are skills? What are values?
bullet       Why do you need to recognize values, interests, skills, and personality types?
bullet       Take home - SDS and MBTI
bullet       CHOICES (software for exploring career options)

bullet Step 2: Examining and Comparing Assessment Results and Career Options
bullet       Review and explain SDS
bullet       Review and explain MBTI
bullet       Review CHOICES printouts

bullet Step 3: Another Look at Your Skills. Putting It All Together
bullet       SkillScan exercise
bullet       Compare results of all the assessments and their relevance
bullet       Discuss application of assessment results to world of work
bullet       The importance of knowing and promoting yourself in the job market
bullet       How to present your top skills

How do you find the job that you have been searching for: everyone is talking about the hidden job market: where is it and how do you get into it?
Over the course of 3 sessions you and your Career Consultant will explore how to get into the hidden job market and how to get the job you really want.

Job Search Package
bullet Step 1: Breaking into the Hidden Job Market
bullet       Identification of values, interests, and parameters
bullet       Interviewing for information
bullet       Researching companies
bullet       Creating 3-point networking statement
bullet       Developing individual networking system

bullet Step 2: Evaluating Marketing Tools
bullet       Review resume, cover letter, portfolio (if applicable), interviewing skills
bullet       Practice networking strategies

bullet Step 3: How to Market Yourself to the Best Advantage
bullet       Evaluate progress with all marketing tools and networking system
bullet       Focus on employers that match identified parameters
bullet       Discuss ways of marketing yourself where you will stand out among your competitors.

Punch up your resume. Are you marketing yourself in the best possible way? Learn what to include and what to leave out in a resume. Tailor your resume to fit you and your future job.
Over the course of 3 sessions you and your Career Consultant will complete a resume that will stand out from your competitors. You will receive your resume and a cover letter on high-grade stationery and have a copy of it on a floppy disk in order to update it as needed.
RLS also offers assistance with a Curriculum Vita if applicable.

Resume Package
bullet Step 1: Figuring Out the Resume Style That is Right For You
bullet       Resume styles. Picking the style tailored for your prospective job
bullet       Skill identification
bullet       Discussing job objectives and skill sets

bullet Step 2: Building a Targeted Resume
bullet       Look at your employment history
bullet       Focus on employers that match identified parameters
bullet       Identify highlights of qualifications
bullet       Develop resume outline
bullet       Examine the options of using a portfolio

bullet Step 3: The Finished Product
bullet       One completed and polished resume
bullet       Discuss references
bullet       One cover letter
bullet       Completed design of portfolio option

Ace that interview with one-to-one interviewing coaching and preparation. During the 3 sessions, work with a Career Consultant to gain the skills and confidence you need to make your interview successful.
Understand the mechanics of an interview and how your style can impact this dialogue. Much time will be spent on practicing.
Those who are interested can have a videotaped copy of your practice interview for an additional charge.

Interviewing Package
bullet Step 1: Preparing for Your Interview
bullet       Researching the company
bullet       Making a good impression
bullet       Types of interviews, including behavioral-type questions
bullet       Do's and Don'ts
bullet       Illegal questions
bullet       Body language
bullet       Discussing salary and benefits
bullet       Your questions
bullet       Follow-up after the interview

bullet Step 2: Practice Interviews
bullet       Mock interview practice and feedback with your Career Consultant

bullet Step 3: More Practice
bullet       Mock interview practice and feedback with a different Career Consultant

Harness the power of the World Wide Web and get your resume where you want it. Learn the different ways to communicate effectively with employers via the Internet.
During these 3 sessions your Career Consultant will assist you in gaining the knowledge and expertise you need to make the Internet work for you.

Internet Package
bullet Step 1: How to Make the Internet Work for You
bullet       What results can you expect using the Internet?
bullet       How to use the Internet in your job search
bullet       The difference between the design of your present resume and a Board/Job site resume
bullet       Setting up an e-mail account (MSN, Hotmail, or Yahoo!)

bullet Step 2: How to E-Mail Your Resume and Cover Letter
bullet       Preparing your resume and cover letter to travel the 'net
bullet       E-mailing your resume and cover letter to an employer

bullet Step 3: Using Job Boards to Post a Resume
bullet       Exploring and selecting a Job Board site
bullet       Posting your resume on a Board/Job site

Fees for services are on a sliding scale based on family income and number in family. Call 446-0500 to request the range of fees for services that interest you.

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