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Word/Windows  Basics:

  • Learn Word 2000 the Microsoft word processing program most in demand by employers.  Create, edit, save to disk, print and enhance your documents by learning text formatting; how to copy, cut, paste, spell check and more.

  • Learn the basics of the Windows 98 operating system, use of the mouse, Taskbar, the Start menu, file management,  shortcuts, My Computer, recycle bin, Windows objects, turning the computer on & off and more.  This class is recommended for anyone.  No computer experienced required. 

Word 2000 Intermediate:  Learn more about the Word features including the drawing toolbar, working with clipart and useful items found in the menus.  Produce a memo, business letter, a promotional flier, tables, a mail merge, labels and more.  Word/Windows Basics recommended prior to this class.


Excel: Excel is the spreadsheet program within the Microsoft Office Suite.  Create

a check register and program the spreadsheet to automatically do the math.  On days two & three develop new spreadsheets (i.e. invoice, payroll, etc.) to reinforce concepts.  Use the chart wizard to graphically display your information. Basics are recommended prior to this class.

Internet Job Search: Go surfing! Explore the web. Learn how to use the bells & whistles of your Internet system, as well as good sites to search for information.  Conduct a job search by logging onto career sites.  No previous experience necessary.

E-mailing a Resume: Learn the proper way to send your resume and cover letter to a prospective employer by e-mail.  E-mail experience and Word basics knowledge recommended prior to this class.

Access: A database organizes information into a form that can be easily sorted to meet your needs.  Access is a very powerful program for managing, sorting, and organizing your data. Create a database, sort information and print a report.  This is a more advanced class.  Basics are is strongly recommended prior to this class.

PowerPoint: PowerPoint is a powerful presentation graphics program.  Its primary purpose is to create a slide presentation on your computer.  Using PowerPoint you can create professional-looking handouts, overheads, charts, and other types of visual aids for use in a presentation to a group. Basics are recommended prior to this class

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing: Mavis Beacon is a self-paced, interactive typing tutor.  Start at beginner or more advanced levels and move forward.  The software includes games to keep your interest.  There are also typing tests and dictation lessons.  Recommended for everyone, no prior computer experience necessary.