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Answer to Quiz - Trivia - Factoid

What is a good way to 'tempt' a hiring manager to read your cover letter?
Add a handwritten postscript (PS) to the bottom of your cover letter. Let it highlight one of your best qualifications. It will be the first thing employers notice. (From the Brian Krueger, author of the excellent College Grad Job Hunter.)

Where is the last place in America that someone with little or no skills can live a good middle-class life?

Las Vegas, according to Hal Rothman, author of "The Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century." Las Vegas perfected the service economy long before the rest of the country. It is the salary � plus tips, plus union-negotiated health care benefits � that pays middle-class wages to all sorts of people without a high school education. "Good pay, great benefits and the jobs are great."

Can you ask for an employment agreement in writing before accepting a job?

You can ask, but you probably won't get it. What the question does, however, is give you an opportunity to open a dialogue about how close the actual day-to-day tasks will be to the job description that you've been given. Every job can be expected to change over time, but you don't want to accept a position for something you love to do and find that 75% of the time you're doing things you hate to do!

When temporary means permanent!

Hiring practices sometimes mean that the route to a permanent job is through a temp agency. Some companies use the temp agency as a hiring manager, enabling them to screen possible job candidates before offering full time work. In some cases this is the only route to employment in a desired company.

What area of diversity can cause the most miscommunication and misunderstanding in the workplace?

Age. There are four generational divisions with very different histories, lifestyles, values, and work ethics. These groups can clash like war if not handled sensitively. There are the older workers born before WWII, the baby boomers born from about 1945 -1960, the Generation Xers who were born and came of age in the '60s and '70s, and the Gen Y's or Millenials born after 1980. This last group is just now entering the workplace.
Some of the workplace issues that are affected are recruitment, longevity, rewards, training, loyalty, competition, and motivation.

Is it really against the law for an employer to ask my age, religion, marital status and other personal questions?

It is not unlawful to be asked these questions, but hiring on the basis of the answer is unlawful and can make the company liable for lawsuits, so most companies make it policy not to ask these questions in the first place. If there is a question you would rather not answer, be prepared with something to say that smooths over an awkward moment.

What is the best place to post your resume on the internet with the greatest hope of having it looked at?

A CareerXroads study in 2003 found that 15.5% of companies found new employees through their own website. This is five times greater than the chances at monster.com at 3.6%.

What "arty" adjective is being used as a noun these days to describe a person who works in the arts?

Creative...as in, "We need to hire two creatives for our ad campaign." These might be copy writers or graphic designers, or both. Other creatives include web site designers, musicians, playwrights and composers.

How long does it take a hiring manager to toss out a bad resume?

A recent panel of hiring managers agreed that 2 1/2 seconds was enough time to determine that a resume would not be considered. They were looking just long enough to determine if the person was applying for a specific position that was open, and that they were qualified to do the job. If so, they'd be invited for an interview. If not, bye-bye resume!

How many people are searching for jobs on line these days?

According to a recent survey from the Pew Internet Project, 52 million Americans have looked online for information about jobs, and more than 4 million do so on a typical day.

Here's a tip on how to give yourself a great advantage over all other candidates when you're interviewing for a job.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Bring a well-organized professional portfolio with samples of your best work. Click here for our 'how-to' page.

What are the five most important "soft skills" you need to increase your chances for job retention?

According to a Michigan State University Employment Research Institute survey the top five most valued skills are communication, leadership, teamwork, initiative and flexibility, and computer aptitude.
For ideas on where to learn some of these skills, go to our Learn to Work page.

Didn't get your dream job in the West Wing? What are some of your other options in this new administration?

A 334-page listing of presidentially appointed jobs can be found in the Plum Book. Also available for sale is the Prune Book ("a plum seasoned with experience and wisdom) for more specific information about many administration jobs, including the necessary qualifications and the issues the job entails.

When does an interview start...at the first question?...at the handshake?...when you walk in the door? Actually, none of the above is correct!

Your interview starts when you pick up the phone to hear that you've been selected as a candidate. Some employers screen out potential interviewers by what they hear on the phone. When you've sent out a resume, always answer your phone in a friendly, professional manner.

What is the Number 1 tip for sending an e-mail resume?

Before you send an e-mail resume to a prospective employer, send it to yourself first! You'd be surprised how different it might look.

In California's Silicon Valley, an increasing number of workers do not have traditional, full-time 9 to 5 jobs. What percentage would you say work non-traditionally?

One out of three Silicon Valley workers works non-traditionally. They work part-time, or as consultants, or e-workers who work from home.

40% of the US work force will change jobs this year. How many of these will use an online career site?

According to Smart Money magazine, July 2000, p 115, 77% of them will use an online career site.

Whatever happened to the shorter work week?

The 40-hour work week has all but disappeared in the opposite direction. Americans now log 260 more hours a year than they did a decade ago, according to Business Week Online, Nov 29, 1999 as reprinted in the CAM Report.

How's this for a job description: grueling, gruesome, and unglamorous..and that's the good part.

Here are further qualifications for a job as a forensic anthropologist: on call 24-7; need to be prepared to be challenged in court on every phase of the work and for general competence and credibility; physically and intellectually demanding; zero margin for error; must handle human remains in every state of deterioration. Sounds like lots of fun!

Are men or women more likely to be telecommuters?

Although telecommuting has been a boon to mothers of small children, men use the option 60% of the time compared to women's 40%.
See more about telecommuting in the Learn To Work columns, accessible from the Education Information Center page.

What is an ombudsman?

An ombudsman is a community volunteer trained to be a problem-solver, facilitator or peacemaker between individuals and government or agencies. Some ombudsmen specialize in certain areas. Onondaga County has a long term care ombudsman program for residents of nursing homes.
Answer provided by the InterReligious Council of CNY who conducts the training for local ombudsman volunteers.

How can I make the most amount of money for the least amount of formal education?

Stock Broker
General Contractor
Pilot (of private and regional airlines - major airlines have high educational requirements)
Business Credit/Loan Specialists

Answer provided by SIGI Plus (System of Interactive Guidance and Information) software program leased by the Education Testing Service of Princeton, NJ. The second two answers are from the latest version of the software.

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